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Your Business Strategy Demands Software Development, and at Pixelpk Technologies, we treat you as a collaborator, expanding upon your vision by presenting fresh opportunities and options tailored to your needs.


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Pixelpk Technologies has a team of professionals capable of addressing clients’ business challenges by providing software development services.

Key Stages of Software Development

We offer comprehensive software development services tailored to your business domain and budgetary needs. It’s a straightforward process.
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Standard Coding Pattern

To maintain a coding standard is one of the defining criteria of a development team. It makes sure the code is manageable by every programmer working on it. In turn, it never stops your development work. We deliver custom web application development services where the codebase is standard, understandable, and clean.
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Well Named Variables

There has to be a naming standard for all the variables and function names. Without this, it gets difficult for other programmers and testing teams to understand the code. So, we have trained our developers to use grammatically sensible, meaningful, and correct names for every function and variable they use. This sits in agreement with the coding standard that we maintain. The result? A clean output.
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Mobile Responsive

Today, more than 4.68 Billion people are using smartphones. So, you cannot ignore the user base. Hence, we ensure the web application we design and develop is mobile-friendly, keeping the UX human-centered. The result? Your users are glued to your app even when they are not using their laptops.
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Maintaining a Security

Enterprise or SMBs, none can improve the website’s UX ignoring the privacy and security issues. The web application must have the latest encryption mechanism to keep the corporate as well as user data secured. Hence, by eliminating the security vulnerabilities and safeguarding it from security attacks and keeping the data safe, we design and deploy every application without fail.
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Fast Loading Speed

We understand how crucial first impressions are for you. Users don’t want to wait for more than 3 seconds. So, our team ensures your web app loads within that. To make that a reality, we use CDN to load static contents (CSS, JS, and images), use Gzip to compress HTML.
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Agile Methodologies

We use Agile methodology during development process. we manage a project by breaking it up into different phases/ modules. It involves consistant collaboration with client and continuous improvement at every stage. Once the work begins, teams cycle through a process of planning, executing, and evaluating.

Technologies you can Explore with us

Let your ideas be implemented into reality with the core technologies.
We use the most innovative up to date tools to provide you with the highest development standards.
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Our Work

Extensive Resources

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Kixx Oil Managment Portal

PixelPk gives you one of the most prestigious portal i.e. KIXX- the ONE-STOP OIL MANAGEMENT for your vehicles. Kixx portal provides its user i.e. the shop owners, a complete access to the sales management and allows them to manage user discounts upon QR code redeem. PixelPk brings on board the most capable hands to deliver state of the art systems as KIXX. We value our clients and we deliver at the best of our capabilities. Our development teams make sure that the development codes written in any languages, are upto to the best practices and we also make sure that the quality of the system is assured by our QA team.

College Management System

Ummah College Management System is designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of colleges. We have developed this system in Laravel and Flutter, We have automized the process of college operations. It also digitizes routine work of the campus such as student attendance, student record, student profile, student marks, student fee management, and other small and big operations.

Ummah College Portal - Software development company
Dunya Portal - Software development company

Consultants Case Management System

Study Abroad Consultancy Managment system is designed to handle case that enrolled to study abroad, This platform is managing the student case progress with user firendly progress bars and also helping the business to keep well managed record of all data, the most important part of this system is, it complete peneration free to make sure data security.

University Management System

University management system is  developed for conducting, monitoring & analyzing work flow of the University like Centralized Admission, Centralized Examination, and much more. Riphah Portal has user friendly interface handling Right from streamlining operations like student enrollment, admissions, assessments & examination management, online result publishing, to alumni management, it eliminates manual work & helps university to achieve maximum productivity by computerizing student, staff & administration lifecycles and minimizing the hassles of the university administration.

Rippah University portal - Software
The Nasheed - Software development company

Sound Sharing Platform

TheNasheed is a social Sharing Nasheed & sound application with TheNasheed Customers can Share sound & Nasheed and Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more, Now using the application is easier, and more fun!

Backend Panel of Dating Application​

Created by Pixelpk, Islamic Dating App is one of the best featured Islamic dating backend applications. The web app employs advanced matching and instant messaging features to make online dating super easy. At first, you have to create a user profile to be the part. All profiles are verified to avoid scams. We add other features like chatting with a partner to share their experiences and wishes for a life before a final decision. A user can make subscriptions to be a part of the pool. Paid subscriptions are also available to enjoy the complete features of the application.
Amirazz Portal - Software development company
Alfalah Scholarship - Software development company

Online Platforms for Scholarship seekers

Alfalah is the portal where needy students can register and get scholarships, We have handled the complete process of how students get registered, how their profile get verified, How high management view download and approve the amount of scholarship awarded to the student, we are handling complete finance, reports, graphs and different dashboards to make system more reliable and scalable 

Donations & Doners Management System

Pixelpk technologies instigate the AL-KHIDMAT FOUNDATION app with a backend admin panel that aims to help needy people by collecting donations. A user can sign in with this app and donate as much they can ask for help, and much more.

Al khidmat Foundation - Software development company

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